National EB Meeting at USIU!

This past Saturday, the AIESEC Strathmore EB together with the Team Directors and other esteemed members attended the National Executive Board meeting held at USIU. Lots of fun was had by all!

The AIESEC Kenya EB has the stage!

(Left to Right) MCVP Comm./IM Arnold Buoro, AIESEC Strath LCVP Comm./IM Amanda Namayi, MCVP OGX Gathoni Mwangi

LCVP Talent Management Meredith Njenga and her Team Director, Sumeya Ahmed

Happie Team represent! Rodney Onyango, Maryanne Jelagat, Amanda Namayi and Olang’ Goodwins


Team Director Talent Management Sumeya Ahmed, LCVP Business Development George Thara, LCP Jared Babu, Happie Team members Goodwins Olang’, Maryanne Jelagat, Rodney Onyango, and LCVP OGX Evans Campbell.

Jared Babu, Maryanne Jelagat, Tracy Ofwona, Sumeya Ahmed and Amanda Namayi.